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Quiz «What do you know about Great Britain?»
1. What is the nickname of the British flag? 
2. What is the capital of Scotland? 
3. Whose birthplace is Stratford-upon-Avon? 
4. What is the official residence of the British Queen? 
5. What river does London stand on? 
6. What is the capital of Wales? 
7. What is the central square of London? 
8. What holiday is celebrated on the 31 st of October? 
9. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? 
10. How many parts does the UK consist of? 
11. In what lake of Scotland does a mysterious monster live? 
12. What city is the birthplace of the Beatles? 
13. In what park is the so called Speakers' Corner situ¬ated? 
14. What vegetable is traditional on Halloween? 
15. In what British museum can people see wax copies of famous people? 
16. What British writer is the author of the fantasy tales "The Hobbits", and "The Lord of the Rings? 
17. Name a famous national Scottish musical instrument. 
18. It's been a fortress, a palace and a zoo. Now it's a museum. 
19. What is a double-decker? 
20. How do the British call the London Underground? 
21. What is the favourite game in Britain?
22. How should you answer the usual question: "How are you?” 
23. What is a well-known national drink of Great Britain? 
24. What is the political center of London? 
25. It took Sir Christopher Wren 35 years to build this cathedral?
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